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mSOLL Smartcard AND IT'S Benefits

mSOLL Smartcard enables you even when you do not have all the funds to receive worldwide health care services in the best hospitals in the world through mSOLL Healthcare Finance and Cash2go! A Combined Service to keep you healthier. mSOLL …My Money My Life! 

Start to Benefit right now!

mSOLL Borderless Solutions. Enable you to have no name illness cured, brain tumours and spine surgeries in Germany, Austria or anywhere best suits. African solutions to certain cancers and other illness treatment with Traditional African Medicine. The opportunities at mSOLL are limitless. 

Msoll is all about solutions
Success is not a good teacher, Challenges makes you humble. Msoll help rewrite your stories and leave you with smiles!

mSOLL Marketplace is a multinational digital care service provider and health care finance brokerage for the need to help Africa achieve universal health coverage (UHC)
Bringing global care service providers and care service beneficiaries together for mutual benefits. Offering services that include marketing health care services and products. Providing pee2peer services for individuals and group care needs. Medical tourism facilitator and crowdfunding for free medical bills for those who can’t afford it. Providing morden day career pathways for both unemployed youths and adults.
mSOLL… Helping society to enhance the efficiency of care and care finance delivery.

Turn your mSOLL Borderless Account into any benefits of your choice with just a minimum of ₦5,000 account balance. Use your account and the smartcard to provide your services to the world or use it to benefit from mSOLL global limitless services. Grow your business as a self employe or start a profitable business with just a minimum of ₦25,000 account balance. The account balance are yours and your business capital at mSOLL. You can withdrew or use it for any services at anytime. mSOLL account is free and helps you to receive both affordable and free domestic and global care services. Say bye bye to unnecessary challenges and joblessness!

Msoll, My Money My Life! New Ideas New Opportunities

Why Msoll Smartcard is important?

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mSOLL borderless services are for Africans home and abroad to receive both Financial and Healthcare services worldwide without any limitations. Do international businesses and transactions without any hindrance or delays. Receive healthcare services in the best hospitals in the world, special surgeries e.g. Brian, Spine cord and etc in Germany, Austria or anywhere best suits. Msoll is The New Money and Medtech …My Money, My Life! Enough of African graveyards in India after billions of dollars spent.

Bye bye limitations, Hello to the world of possibilities and Opportunities! Even when you do not have all the funds, you can still receive msoll’s services through Msoll’s Crowdfunding for Healthcare Bills and new Technologies. At Msoll, humans are at the centre of our attention. Humanness first… Msoll provides the good feeling of both you and your finance being in the best hands. Get Everything Right and Get it with Msoll for you to be whom you wanna be! See HOW-IT-WORKS For More Details and join us to maximise your opportunities! Join us now and tell the world your stores!

Msoll, My Money My Life! New Ideas New Opportunities

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I think it's really important to design things with a kind of personality.

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.

Apartment in New York, USA

Flat in Oslo, Norway

House in Cracow, Poland

" The exterior cannot do without the interior since it is from this, as from life, that it derives much of its inspiration and character."

Stephen Gardiner - Architect

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We are a group open to joint action and striving for the best compromise. With us you can conquer the world.

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